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Dental Sedation for Children

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Dental Sedation for ChildrenIf your child is feeling anxious about the visit to the clinic, you can reassure them and let them know that even adults feel the same. However, explain to them the importance of the visit and in this way, they will understand it is for their good. If the fear does not go away, you do not have to worry because, at the clinic, the dentist has a solution to make your child calm to be able to perform the dental procedure.

Why is Sedation important for your Child?

Sedation calms the nerves of your child so that they do not feel pain during the procedure. If you have any worries about the sedation for your child you can communicate this with the dentist, and they will assure you that it is completely safe.

How Safe is sedation for children

When surgery is necessary to treat a condition that your child is suffering from, sedation is important because it will prevent the young one from becoming anxious and feeling pain. Even if there is a surgical operation, some procedures at the office can cause pain and discomfort. To help calm your child, and give the dentist the best chance to treat your child, sedation is important.

Dentists are trained and experienced anesthesiologists and are capable of administering the right amount to your child. This means there are reduced chances for complications. Also, guidelines stipulate that when a child is under sedation, there should be two anesthesiologists in the room-the surgeon operating and an independent anesthesiologist. This is because, in case of complications, there will be two trained doctors who can manage the situation.

Let us treat your child

At our clinic, we have a dedicated team of pediatric dentists who have the required education and training to safely sedate your child in preparation for any dental procedure. You can also call us if you want further clarification regarding dental sedation for children.
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