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Braces Vs. Invisalign. Which one should you consider?

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Braces Vs. Invisalign. Which one should you consider?Braces and Invisalign are two popular orthodontic treatments that can help straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Braces use metal or ceramic brackets and wires to apply pressure to your teeth, gradually shifting them into the desired position. Invisalign, on the other hand, uses a series of clear, removable aligners that are custom-made to fit your teeth and apply pressure to move them. However, which is better?

Faster results, braces or Invisalign?

Braces typically require more frequent adjustments and can apply more pressure to your teeth, which means they may produce faster results than Invisalign. However, the exact timeline for each treatment will depend on the severity of your case and other individual factors. Invisalign can be a more comfortable and discreet option, but it requires strict adherence to wearing the aligners for 20-22 hours per day. If you don't wear your aligners consistently, it can slow down your treatment time.

Which is more comfortable, braces or Invisalign?

Braces can cause discomfort and irritation due to the brackets and wires, especially after an adjustment. You may also experience soreness in your teeth and gums as they adjust to the pressure. Invisalign is generally considered more comfortable than braces since the aligners are made of smooth plastic and don't have any sharp edges.

Which is more effective, braces or Invisalign?

Both braces and Invisalign are effective orthodontic treatments that can produce great results. However, the effectiveness of each treatment will depend on the individual case. Invisalign can be a great option for mild to moderate cases of crooked or crowded teeth. More severe cases may require traditional braces to achieve the desired results.

Which is easier to maintain, braces or Invisalign?

Braces require special care to prevent food particles from getting stuck in the brackets and wires, and to maintain good oral hygiene. You'll need to brush and floss regularly and avoid certain foods that can damage your braces. In the case of Invisalign, they are easier to maintain since the aligners are removable.

Ultimately, both braces and Invisalign have their pros and cons, and the right treatment for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Contact us and consult with our orthodontist to determine which option is best for your case.
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