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Periodontics And Pregnancy – What You Need To Know

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Periodontics And Pregnancy – What You Need To KnowPeriodontal health plays a big role in your oral and general health. It involves the condition of the supportive structures of the teeth. When you are pregnant, periodontal health gets even more important. Poor oral health causes detrimental effects on not only your health but that of the unborn baby. Seeing a dentist frequently while pregnant is crucial.

What is Periodontal Disease?

It is a set of long-term, bacterial-induced, inflammatory diseases that affect the gum tissue. In more severe cases, these diseases can affect the bones that support the teeth. Patients with periodontal disease show symptoms like swelling, tenderness, and redness. The gums bleed when cleaning the teeth.

A patient may also have detaching gums, loose teeth, halitosis, or bad breath. You should see a dentist immediately to notice these signs, whether you are pregnant or not. Prevention is the best way you can fight periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is better controlled when it's in its early stages. After it advances, it is very hard to manage it. In fact, it cannot be cured, once it has established its roots. Therefore, you have to get periodontal maintenance cleanings every so often.

Use these Tips to Keep the Gums in Tiptop Condition

Properly brush your teeth twice a day. Try to angle the toothbrush at the gumline so that you reach out to bacteria and disrupt their growth. This way, you keep their population at low levels. Make sure you don't brush too aggressively.

Floss daily, making sure you clean the areas at the back or molar region. Also, use antiseptic mouthwash since it helps clear the mouth of bacteria. Last but not least, get regular checks at our dental clinic to ensure you do not have signs of periodontal disease. If our dentist catches the disease, we begin treatment right away. Scaling and root planing needs to be performed to eliminate bacteria and help the gums re-attach.
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