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How Can a Cold Affect Your Teeth?

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
A woman with a cold blowing her noseIt is that time of year when everyone around us appears to be sick. You may even feel like walking around your office with a can of antibacterial spray and hand sanitizer! Most people know that colds affect your upper respiratory system, making your ears, nose, and throat sore. You may also experience headaches and sinus pain. Did you know that a bad cold can not only make it difficult to smell and taste but can also cause tooth pain?

What Is a Cold?

You may think that colds are caused by only one virus. However, colds are caused by many different viruses. In fact, scientists have found that nearly 200 viruses cause colds. The most common virus that makes you sick with a cold is rhinovirus. If you have a cold, you may notice you have a lot of sneezing, your nose is stuffy, and you are coughing. Colds usually last around a week, and then you should start to feel better.

How Can a Cold Affect My Teeth?

There are several ways a cold can affect your dental health. First, if you are very sick, brushing and flossing your teeth each day may feel like a chore. However, not brushing and flossing can cause plaque buildup in your mouth, which can cause both cavities and gum disease.

Also, colds tend to desensitize your sense of smell and taste. In fact, you may not feel like eating or drinking when you have a cold. It is important that you continue to drink plenty of fluids even if you do not feel like eating. Not only will drinking fluids help keep you hydrated and help you fight your cold, but it will help wash away excess bacteria as well.

You may notice that you have tooth pain when you have a cold. That is because your sinuses are swelling and putting pressure on your teeth so that they ache. You may want to relieve the pain by using over-the-counter medications or by applying an ice pack to your sinuses. If you have any questions about your teeth, we will always be happy to answer them for you at our office!

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