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Why People Who Snore Tend to Have More Cavities

Posted on 9/15/2019 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Why People Who Snore Tend to Have More CavitiesThere are many things on the list of what causes cavities. Some of them are due to poor oral hygiene habits and some are due to things beyond your control. One of the things that can lead to cavities will surprise people. Snoring is a habit that usually bothers others instead of the person that snores. While it is annoying to others, it could also be the reason that a cavity develops. There is a connection that many do not know about.

What Happens When You Snore

There are many causes for snoring. It can come from struggles with sleep apnea or if can come from sinus issues and nasal congestion. When these things happen, you end up breathing through your mouth. As you do this, your airway will become slightly obstructed and the result is the noises known as snoring. It is possible that by adjusting the position you sleep in, the airway will open up and you will stop snoring, but it can restart at any time. As long as you breathe through your mouth, it is possible that you will snore.

Oral Health and Snoring

It is not the snoring that will affect your oral health. It is the fact that you are breathing through your mouth that can lead to oral health issues. Breathing through your mouth will affect the production of saliva. It can lead to a condition called dry mouth. Dry mouth means there is a lack of saliva in the mouth. The saliva in the mouth is important because it helps remove debris and bacteria from around the teeth and gums. If this does not happen, the bacteria will grow and will harm your teeth.

The bacteria will cause the enamel to erode and will eventually begin to form cavities in the mouth. It is the combination of snoring, mouth breathing and dry mouth that leads to snoring causing more cavities. Get the protection your teeth need by scheduling your next appointment with us.
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