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Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Energy Drinks and Your TeethThere are many practices in the modern world that people engage in without them knowing how their harmful effects. Several loved products are harmful to your dental health such as energy drinks. Patients get surprised when we put it to them how harmful energy drinks are to their dental health. our experts at the practice always ensure to enlighten our patients about bad oral habits and drinks to ensure that they can protect their oral health. Here, you will learn about how energy drinks can affect your oral health.


Energy drinks contain sugar which is one of the contributing factors for tooth decay. When taken too much, the sugar in the drink will undergo a breakdown process initiated by the bacteria in your mouth. After the breaking down process, the bacteria produce acids, which can be responsible for the corrosion of your teeth' enamel. This is usually the first step of tooth decay and cavities.


Energy drinks have some level of acids. These acids can decrease the pH level in your mouth. The increased acidity concentration can prove to be dangerous for your teeth enamel and your gums. you could develop infections and developing serious dental health problems.

How to protect yourself

If you must intake energy drinks, consider drinking them in moderation. Also, take time to rinse your mouth with water, to wash away the acids and sugars from your mouth. This will enable you to avoid tooth decay caused by energy drinks.

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