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Benefits of Dental Implants in Seattle, WA

A woman smiling after receiving dental implants at Pacific Modern Dentistry in Seattle, WANone of us likes losing a tooth, be it to an accident, disease, or a necessary extraction. Missing teeth can make previously simple everyday tasks (brushing and flossing, eating our favorite foods, drinking a glass of water, etc) more challenging and thus less enjoyable. Moreover, social situations become awkward due to embarrassment or self-consciousness about one’s appearance. Too often in life, we make the mistake of taking our teeth for granted until it’s too late.

Fear not, however, as you needn’t start thinking about dentures just yet. Since 1965, dental implants have been a preferred tooth replacement treatment for doctors and patients alike. Both safe and providing satisfactory results, they can help you keep a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come whether you’re getting a single tooth replacement, a whole set, or a removable prosthesis on your upper and lower jaw.

If you or a loved one have lost a tooth and are considering restoration options, please call Pacific Modern Dentistry to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jae Seon Kim at (206)284-4505 today so we can discuss how to fulfill your dream of a new full grin.

Why Should I Get a Dental Implant?

Every patient who takes advantage of an implant leaves our team with the utmost satisfaction, but the benefits are not only cosmetic. In addition to restoring confidence, implants serve the same basic functions as natural teeth to protect facial bone and keep your remaining teeth in good shape.

When a tooth is lost, leaving the space empty for too long may cause the surrounding teeth to move out of their proper position into that opening. This can lead to more detrimental oral health issues like misalignment and jawbone deterioration, sometimes requiring a bone graft to fix. A dental implant is the best and only option to help stimulate jawbone structure and prevent bone loss.

What Are the Benefits of Implants?

•  Improved appearance- Implants look and feel identical to your genuine teeth and, being designed to fuse with bone, will become like new permanent teeth.

•  Improved speech- Whereas improperly fitted dentures can make the teeth to slip out of alignment within your mouth, causing mumbling or slurred speech, implants fit securely to allow for comfortable speaking.

•  Comfort- Once applied into your jaw, implants eliminate the discomfort often experienced with removable dentures or other prostheses.

•  Eating- Sliding dentures can make chewing more challenging than it should be. Implants restore your ability to eat your favorite foods comfortably without pain or insecurity over appearance.

•  Confidence- As said, implants help patients regain self-esteem that losing a tooth can hurt and even make your smile better than it was before. You can grin, laugh, and socialize just like like.

•  Improved dental health- Unlike a tooth-supported dental bridge, having an implant applied doesn’t require reducing or otherwise altering your other teeth to support it. With your teeth left intact, overall oral health can be better maintained long-term. Individual implants also allow for easier access between teeth while brushing, making dental hygiene easier to keep up with.

•  Durability- An implant is very tough and on average lasts several years. With consistent proper care, it may last a lifetime.

•  Convenience- Instead of dealing with embarrassing moments of removing dentures or applying often messy adhesives to keep them in place, publicly or in private, implants remove that inconvenience.

Remember, for any questions you may have about dental implants or to set up a visit and discuss options for treatment, don’t hesitate to call Pacific Modern Dentistry at (206)284-4505.

For more information, check out our Dental Implant FAQ!
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