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Dental Implant Materials in Seattle, WA

A couple smiling after receiving dental implants at Pacific Modern Dentistry in Seattle, WAFor many people, dental implants are a dream come true. Not only are they quite comfortable, but they are also a type of permanent restoration. That means that there is no hassle with ill-fitting dentures or partials that may otherwise throw you off of your lifestyle. A dental implant can restore a smile with a tooth that looks exactly like the real thing.

You may be wondering, though, what exactly is going into your mouth as they are fixing your teeth. We here at Pacific Modern Dentistry are happy to help you understand the procedure behind dental implants and explain what type materials are often used.

When Is A Transplant Necessary?

The reason for implants is usually reduced integrity in the bone of the jawline. If even one tooth is missing, it can realign the rest of the teeth to crowd and fit into the space left behind. This can create issues with talking, chewing, and can sometimes even cause pain. Once a tooth falls out, whether, through decay or trauma to the face, a visit must be scheduled so we can begin the process of repair as soon as possible. This can stop the deterioration of the jaw and allow for immediate treatment, making it so that surgery may not even be necessary.

If it is required, however, rest assured we have your best interests in mind regarding the restoration of your smile to its original beauty. Implants are, in fact, one of the most versatile tools available in dental reconstruction and come highly recommended by their recipients.

Common Materials Used for Implants

The process of applying a new tooth to your mouth begins with a hole. Your implant requires three small pieces. First, there is a small bit of metal that goes into your jaw, then comes the connector (or the abutment). The abutment then is secured to the final part, which is the crown. The piece that is screwed into your jaw and creates an artificial root for stability is usually made out of titanium.

Originally all screws were created with titanium. It was the material of choice because it was discovered to be biocompatible with the structure of your bone. Furthermore, it also resists corrosion. Titanium is capable of withstanding the crushing force that occurs between the teeth when chewing. Any implants created using titanium allows the bone to fuse to the abutment, which naturally provides long-lasting to permanent results. Titanium is still considered superior to all other materials that can be used for implants. It has been combined into an alloy with other metals to help improve the effectiveness of the titanium.

Zirconium implants are composed of ceramic that is designed to be the same shade as real teeth. This material is used when a patient would prefer an esthetic appearance compared to the metallic studs of titanium replacements. Whereas titanium uses multiple pieces in the procedure, zirconia replacements are usually the stud and enamel fused in a solitary segment. Zirconia is known for having excellent corrosive strength resistance, which does decrease the likelihood of infection by reducing the number of bacteria available. However, it does still leave it susceptible to cracking or even fractures. Because of the one-piece design of the zirconia implant, it means the crown has to be cemented on before insertion. There have been noted complications regarding the glue that can get stuck in the tissues, which can cause irritation and even cause the rejection of any Dental Implants.

Because titanium and zirconia both can work naturally with your biology, either can be a preferred choice when deciding what results you want after your treatment. For further information regarding dental implants and to discuss which materials may be best for your procedure, please call Pacific Modern Dentistry at (206)284-4505!
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We are happy to help you understand the dental implant procedure and explain what types of materials are often used. Visit to learn more about dental implants.
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