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Dental Technology
Team member of Pacific Modern Dentistry looking over an x-ray with patient in Seattle, WADental technology is an innovative branch of dental science that purports to restore the health and aesthetics of your teeth and mouth through state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and treatment procedures. At Pacific Modern Dentistry, our aim is to ensure that all our patients have a quick, comfortable, painless and anxiety-free dental experience and this is made possible thanks to the innovation in dental technology. With the use of new and improved dental technology, we strive to ensure that you are better able to make informed decisions about your dental health.

Below is a list of the major dental technology we offer at Pacific Modern Dentistry.

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion, also called microabrasion, is an innovative new way to remove decayed tooth structure by blasting the tooth with tiny particles of aluminum oxide or silica. Air abrasion works similar to a tiny sandblaster by gently scraping away the decayed material. At the same time, we will use a suction hose to remove the debris from your mouth.

Since air abrasion is generally used to prepare tooth with small cavities that require filling, it is also known as kinetic cavity preparation. Dr. Jae Seon Kim will also use air abrasion technology to prepare your tooth for dental sealant or dental bonding. It can also be used to remove old composite resin fillings and can be used to remove external surface stains on your tooth.

Digital X-rays

Digital radiography is x-ray imaging that involves the use of digital sensors to capture dental images and display them on a computer screen. Digital radiography can be used to effectively diagnose a wide range of issues that may not be easily seen with the naked eye, including cavities between the teeth, bone necrosis in the jaw, fractures in the tooth root, presence of tooth abscess or cysts, impacted teeth, and jawbone tumors.

Digital radiography offers a lot of benefits over traditional x-rays, including the elimination of the use of photographic films that require harmful chemicals to process, lower levels of radiation, the ability to see an enhanced image of the teeth and mouth, easy storage and transfer of dental records, and lower carbon footprints.

Electronic Handpieces

An electronic handpiece, also known as an electric handpiece, is a dental tool that offers precision and power that is expected from professional dental handpieces. The tool is operated by an electric motor rather than the usual air system to rotate the bur and result in a more consistent torque, which allows more power for smoother cuts and a more consistent cutting speed.

The electronic handpiece can accommodate various heads, which can be used for different applications, including dental implant and endodontic treatment. At Pacific Modern Dentistry, we use electric handpieces that provide superior and precise performance with an easy to use interface and user-friendly design.

Isolite Isolation Mouthpiece

Isolite isolation mouthpiece is a BPA-free soft polymer mouthpiece that is designed to isolate areas of your mouth so that we can give you efficient treatment without risking injury to any area of your mouth. The mouthpiece protects and retracts your cheeks and tongue and also blocks the entrance to the throat, preventing debris from going in. In addition, your jaw can rest comfortably on a built-in block, preventing jaw muscle fatigue.

As a result, you have a more comfortable and anxiety-free experience and can breathe easily during your treatment. Moreover, the mouthpiece keeps the treatment site dry and since it is a single-use device, you have no fear of cross-contamination.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Ultrasonic scalers are used to remove stubborn particles of calculus from your teeth gently, resulting in minimal or no damage to your enamel or your sensitive tooth roots. These devices use high-vibrating shockwaves to shake loose calculus so it becomes easier to remove. They also disrupt the activity of bacterial biofilm so that they can easily be flushed with streams of water or antibacterial mouthrinses. Additionally, they create tiny bubbles in the water, which produce an oxygenated environment that is hostile to bacteria. Ultrasonic scalers are particularly effective for deep dental cleanings, which are required to treat periodontal disease.

If you want to try out these dental technology in your routine dental care, call us today at (206)284-4505 to schedule an appointment with us.
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