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Esthetic Implants
Seattle, WA

Multiple single tooth implant diagram used by Seattle dentist at Pacific Modern Dentistry.Tooth loss is a serious issue that affects your whole life. When you lose your teeth, basic functions like eating and speaking become significantly more challenging. Your digestion, as well as your nutrition, can suffer. Tooth loss also has several aesthetic effects. In addition to affecting the quality of your smile, tooth loss also leads to bone loss. When you lose bone mass in your jaw, the bone begins to change shape, which alters your facial shape, causing sagging skin and wrinkles. At Pacific Modern Dentistry, we can treat tooth loss, restoring the functions of your mouth and the aesthetics of your smile and face with esthetic Implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Esthetic implants are dental implants. Dental implants are a modern treatment for replacing missing teeth, providing you with an alternative to bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures. Treatment with implants involves the surgical implantation of small titanium posts in your jawbone. Your bone fuses to the posts, integrating them into your jaw. This process, called osseointegration, is a natural process that stabilizes them, enabling them to provide strong support for your new teeth. Your new teeth, the dental restorations, are ceramic crowns. Ceramic is used because it can be made to perfectly match the color of your natural teeth. It also mimics the light reflection properties of natural enamel. Once in place, no one will be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and your replacement teeth.

Different Implants for Different Needs

Dental implants can be used in a number of different situations. There are also several types of implants to meet those different restoration needs.
•  Single tooth implants. A single tooth implant uses one post and one crown to replace a single tooth.
•  Multiple teeth implants. Also called an implant supported bridge, this restoration replaces two or more consecutive teeth.
•  Full arch restoration. A full arch restoration, also called an implant supported denture, is used to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Typically, 6 to 8 implant posts are used to support your restorations.
•  All-on-4. The All-on-4® Treatment Concept is used when you are missing a full arch of teeth, but do not have the necessary bone mass to support the 6 to 8 implants needed. This treatment uses four posts that are placed specifically within your jaw, allowing you to avoid the need for a bone graft.

Placing Dental Implants

Implants are placed in a surgical procedure. Before we begin, we provide you with a local anesthetic. Sedation may also be provided if you feel anxious. Surgery begins with small incisions in your gums. Next, we drill holes directly into your jawbone. The implant posts are placed inside these holes, and your gums are sutured closed around them. A small portion of the implants is left exposed above the gumline. Finally, temporary teeth are placed.

When you leave, you are provided with a set of aftercare instructions. These instructions are designed to help you deal with common issues, such as pain and swelling, as well as what to eat and how to take care of your mouth while you heal. Healing can take several weeks to several months. The exact length of time it takes you to heal depends on several factors, including how many posts are placed. Once you have fully healed, we then begin the process of placing your final restorations. We first remove the temporary teeth and place abutments. Next, impressions are taken of your mouth. These impressions are sent to our lab, where they are used to design your restorations and bring them to life. When they are finished, we check them for fit, bite, and appearance and screw them into place.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants offer several benefits:
•  They look just like your real teeth. Once in place, no one will be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and your restorations. Your smile is beautifully restored as is your confidence.
•  They feel completely natural. You do not need to worry about relearning how to speak.
•  They are much more comfortable. Your new teeth are supported by the posts and your jawbone, rather than your adjacent teeth or your gums.
•  Your adjacent teeth do not need to be altered in any way.
•  Implants stimulate your jawbone just like the roots of your real teeth. This stimulation stops and prevents bone loss in your jaw. No other restoration option provides this benefit.

If tooth loss is affecting your life, Dental Implants can help. Not only do they restore the functions of your missing teeth, but they can also significantly improve the esthetics of your smile and your face. Call Pacific Modern Dentistry today at (206) 607-9822 to schedule your consultation.
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