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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Seattle, WA

A patient smiling after full mouth restoration by her Seattle dentist at Pacific Modern Dentistry.Full mouth reconstruction requires rebuilding or replacing all the teeth in your mouth. This surgery will also take into consideration the improvement of the look of your mouth, so it fits with your face seamlessly. At Pacific Modern Dentistry we are experts in this field and will be happy to work with you for all your needs.

Why Do I Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Typically, if you have multiple dental concerns with your mouth, you could be a good candidate for a full mouth restoration. These are the most common reasons for this procedure:
•  Several missing teeth
•  Extensive tooth decay
•  Teeth that are in danger of falling out
•  Severe periodontal disease
•  Large fillings in multiple teeth
•  Failing tooth structure
•  Teeth are worn or cracked by bruxism
•  Oral cancer

Patients with some inherited conditions may also need a full mouth restoration. Since this is major surgery, we will review your oral health in detail and go over the reasons why we recommend this procedure in your case.

What to Expect with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Every person is different, and you may need additional procedures to prepare for and complete full mouth restoration. The treatment for this procedure usually requires multiple visits to our office to discuss your situation and create a treatment plan that will work for your situation. The entire process from planning to completion could take up to a year.

Depending on your oral health condition, a full mouth reconstruction could require:
•  Periodontal treatments or deep cleanings
•  Crown lengthening
•  Jaw surgery
•  Gum surgery
•  Cosmetic appliances such as crowns, bridges or veneers
•  Braces
•  Dental Implants
•  Soft tissue grafting

Because this is a complicated surgery, the planning stages will take several visits and consultations. We could use a variety of cosmetic tools and procedures including veneers, bonding, dental implants, or bridges to improve your oral health. To prepare you for the procedure you may need several surgeries over several months.

Types of Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are several types of mouth reconstruction:
•  Treatment lasts several months: if you need to replace old fillings or crowns in multiple teeth, this process may require many visits. You could also need veneers or new crowns to replace those that are worn or chipped away. We will go through each of your problems and correct them step-by-step.
•  Treatment lasts weeks: with this system the full mouth reconstruction is completed in one visit, and we can prepare the porcelain crowns at the same time so that the color matches each piece equally. Any problems with your bite, tooth sensitivity, missing teeth or chewing issues can be dramatically improved by using this approach.
•  Complete bite and jaw repositioning: this is the most comprehensive full mouth restoration system, and aside from correcting and improving the way in which your mouth functions, you will see a dramatic change in the appearance of your face. You will even lose that sagging look around your mouth.

If you have any questions about full mouth reconstruction call Pacific Modern Dentistry at (206)284-4505.
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Full Mouth Reconstruction Seattle • Pacific Modern Dentistry
Full mouth reconstruction requires rebuilding or replacing all the teeth in your mouth. We are experts in this field and are happy to work with you! (206) 607-9822
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