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Isolite Isolation Mouthpiece

At Pacific Modern Dentistry, our goal is to provide you with the best possible oral health care in a safe an effective manner. To treat certain issues, your teeth need to be isolated. This is essential for avoiding contamination as well as protecting your gums and other oral tissues. Where isolation was once done manually or with a rubber dam, we can provide effective, efficient isolation with an Isolite isolation mouthpiece.

What Is an Isolite Mouthpiece?

An Isolite mouthpiece is a piece of dental equipment that is made from a polymeric material, which is softer than your gum tissue. It is designed to isolate certain areas of your mouth so that we can provide you with the effective treatments you need.

When we place the Isolite mouthpiece in your mouth, it automatically retracts your tongue and cheek, immediately providing protection for these delicate tissues and reducing the risk of injury. The mouthpiece also works to prevent you from breathing in debris while also allowing us to monitor your airway. Due to the construction of the mouthpiece, your tongue is controlled, and you can rest your jaw comfortably. The Isolite mouthpiece is single-use, meaning that the mouthpieces are not reused.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

Isolite mouthpieces are available in 6 sizes, allowing us to provide effective treatment for patients of all ages. Our sizes range from pediatric, which has a 47-millimeter tongue shield and a 25-millimeter bite block, to large, which has a 65-millimeter tongue shield and a 32-millimeter bite block. With six sizes to choose from, we can ensure your comfort and our ability to provide you with the best possible oral health care.

Placing an Isolite Mouthpiece

The Isolite mouthpiece is extremely simple to use and place. It takes only a few seconds to place the mouthpiece in your mouth and even less time to take it out. When you are provided with the appropriate size, your treatment will be more comfortable, and it will be easier for you to relax. You also no longer have to worry about your tongue or cheek getting injured when you are undergoing dental treatment.

Uses for Isolite

There are many uses for the Isolite mouthpiece, including:
•  Fillings, including traditional fillings as well as inlays and onlays.
•  Bonding.
•  Crown and bridge placement.
•  Placing dental sealants.
•  Digital impressions.
•  Ultrasonic scaling and root planing.
•  Tooth extractions.
•  Placing Dental Implants.
•  Oral surgery.
•  Emergency care.

Benefits of an Isolite Mouthpiece

An Isolite mouthpiece offers several benefits, including:
•  Increased comfort. The mouthpiece is made from a material softer than your gum tissue. Additionally, it gently holds your mouth open in a resting position.
•  Better retraction. Your tongue and cheeks are held out of the way.
•  Better accessibility. We have plenty of room to provide you with the most effective treatment possible.
•  Improved visibility. The material is almost completely transparent. It also provides shadowless illumination.
•  We can provide faster treatment.
•  Single use. This means that your mouthpiece is used just for you. The risk of cross-contamination is eliminated.

With Isolite, we can provide you with fast, effective treatment that protects your surrounding oral tissues. For more information, call Pacific Modern Dentistry at (206)284-4505 today.
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With Isolite, we can provide you with fast, effective treatment that protects your surrounding oral tissues. For more information, call us today (206) 607-9822.
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