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Tooth Extraction Seattle

X-ray of impacted tooth for extraction by Pacific Modern Dentistry in Seattle, WAHaving all the permanent teeth functioning properly and in healthy condition is something we all want.

Some individuals may have issues with their teeth and may need a tooth extraction.

Many people visit us at Pacific Modern Dentistry needing to have their teeth extracted for one reason or another.

Sometimes teeth are severely damaged due to decay, infection, impaction or your third molars have come in, and they may need to be removed.

Simple Extractions

Using specialized tools and local anesthetic, our oral surgeons carefully loosen the targeted tooth, gently rocking it back and forth to ease it from its socket.

A few swift yet precise movements and the affected tooth is smoothly extracted, followed by a brief gauze application to control any minimal bleeding.

Simple Extraction Aftercare

Post-extraction, the patient is provided with aftercare instructions, emphasizing the importance of maintaining oral hygiene for swift healing.

With the advancement of dental technology, tooth extractions have become a seamless and routine procedure, promoting improved oral health and overall well-being.

Surgical Extractions

The surgical extraction procedure begins with an incision created in the gum tissue. This helps expose the tooth needing to be removed in case it is impacted.

In case there is bone that blocks the roots of the tooth, it is also removed. Our oral surgeon divides the tooth into pieces, making it easier to pull them out.

After the removal of the tooth, the site is cleaned thoroughly and stitched.

After Surgery

When our dental surgeon completes the tooth extraction procedure, the recovery starts.

You can expect some discomfort, including swelling, pain, and bleeding. It is prudent for patients to monitor these after-extraction symptoms.

Since your mouth has bacteria that can contribute to infection, you should keep the wound clean. Make sure it remains closed to avoid complications. Avoid chewing or biting on that area.

Also, do not use straws because their suction can dislodge or displace the clotting blood, risking a dry socket, an infection, or profuse bleeding.

Dental tools used for a tooth extraction Pacific Modern Dentistry in Seattle, WA

Expert Extractions

We provide proper after-extraction instructions, so make sure you adhere to them while at home.

If you suspect anything unusual, like persistent bleeding or pain lasting for over five days, do not hesitate to call our office.

Getting a Tooth pulled in Seattle WA

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