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Does Your Saliva Actually Do Your Mouth Any Good?
Posted on 2/20/2019 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
You know that your mouth is full of saliva, but do you really understand why? What purpose does the saliva serve, and does it really help your mouth at all? The truth is that the saliva serves many important functions in your body, including several benefits to your mouth and oral health. Removal of Waste and Debris The mouth really is a dirty place, as it accumulates yeast, viruses, and bacteria that can attach to the tongue, teeth, and gums. Unfortunately, this can lead to a variety of dental health issues, including gum disease and tooth decay. Oral bacteria have also been connected to health conditions like heart disease, so saliva has an important job in waste disposals. The saliva physically washes away these accumulations. Prevent Cavities and Decay As previously noted, the saliva protects the teeth against dental health issues, including tooth decay. Oral bacteria can lead to acid attacks on the teeth, resulting in cavities. Saliva works at the mouth's natural...

Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Bonding
Posted on 1/30/2019 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Cosmetic dental bonding is a fairly simple procedure that applies composite material to the teeth for shaping. This procedure can fix a variety of imperfections, leaving you with a beautifully improved smile. There are many great reasons to consider it. High-Quality Results Dental bonding is a good cosmetic dentistry procedure because it provides beautiful, high-quality results. Your teeth will look beautiful and natural. Other people won't even know that they have been altered cosmetically. Treat Stains and Discoloration If you want to treat stained and discolored teeth without having to wait for whitening treatments to work, bonding can be a good alternative. Composite resin also hides discoloration caused by internal issues, which can't be treated with traditional whitening methods. For some people, this is the only way to get a whiter smile. Quick Completion Many other cosmetic dentistry procedures require multiple dental visits in order to achieve the final...

Problems You May Face If Your Dental Fillings Are Too High
Posted on 1/20/2019 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
When you get a cavity, the solution is to get a filling. Most people take this process for granted. They may not like the idea of getting their tooth drilled, but once it is over, they realize that the process of getting a filling was painless and they figure it was worth it to regain the health of their teeth. What they don't realize is that not all fillings are perfect. If the filling is too high, it can cause problems. How Can a Dental Filling be too High? A high filling is when too much of the filling material projects away from the cavity and the tooth. It is not something we want to happen, but it can occur. It is possible to feel the high cavity when you run your tongue over it and it is also visible at times. We never intend to have a filling result in this, but it can happen on rare occasions. There are a few problems that can occur from a high filling if it is not corrected. Possible Problems A high filling can cause premature wear of the filling. Fillings do...
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