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Which Problems are Actually Dental Emergencies?
Posted on 2/15/2020 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Dental emergencies consist of a wide range of dental complications. While many people think of dental emergencies as only those caused by physical trauma, some are created by poor oral health. Determining the difference between an actual dental emergency and something else may seem difficult, but it's not all too hard. People generally associate any pain in their oral cavity with a dental emergency. While that's not a bad thought to have, not all dental pain is an emergency. For example, some people have sensitive teeth which cause them pain. Though sensitive teeth are a problem and it needs to be corrected, it isn't necessarily a dental emergency. The location of your pain and how it was caused is a good indication of whether or not you have a dental emergency. What My Pain Says About My Oral Cavity One of the most common pains people feel in regards to their mouth is in a particular tooth. This pain can be dull and aching to sharp and harsh. The latter is an...

What Happens During Molar Uprighting?
Posted on 1/25/2020 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Impacted molars can be the start of a variety of issues. From having trouble chewing to the risk of future issues, there is no end to the problems it can drag along. Molar uprighting or minor tooth movement is a procedure that can ensure that your tooth can get back into its rightful place. In turn, you can have your smile and bite restored. However, the type of procedure used will depend on the degree to which the tooth is inclined, the position of the other teeth, and the desired end result. Ideally, this can be done through orthodontics or surgical methods. The Treatment Options The surgical uprighting method is best used when all other treatment options are contraindicated. It is not only reliable but also quite predictable. We will only have to work our way into straightening the tooth surgically. If orthodontic is a viable option, it is the most preferred one. Ideally, you will have to schedule multiple checkup sessions in a span of three to four weeks after the...

How to Manage a Toothache While You Wait for Your Appointment with Us
Posted on 1/15/2020 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
You wake up. Your head is pounding, your gums are throbbing, and your mouth feels tender and sore. These are just some of the telltale signs of a toothache. If you have not booked an appointment with us after experiencing these symptoms, it is important to do so before proceeding before trying to make things better for yourself. The primary cause of toothaches is tooth decay. The bacteria that is present in the mouth live on the starches and sugars that are present in the mouth. The process leads to a sticky plaque that sticks to tooth surfaces. These acids can eat away the enamel of your tooth and create cavities. Other Causes of Toothaches If you have accumulated food debris between teeth, the acid formed from the interaction between bacteria and food can cause harm to your teeth. If you root canal is inflamed, infected, or if your teeth are experiencing trauma, a toothache is bound to follow. If you have impacted wisdom teeth (teeth without enough space to fully emerge), you...
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