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How Breath Mints May Be Harming Your Teeth and Gums

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
How Breath Mints May Be Harming Your Teeth and GumsBreath mints offer a temporary fix when it comes to freshening your breath. However, they frequently do more harm than good. Read the following information to learn why this is true.

Why You Should Steer Clear of Breath Mints

According to the American Dental Association, breath mint products only fix a problem with halitosis temporarily. Therefore, they are not a solution to keeping your breath fresh. The only real way to keep the breath fresh is to drink lots of water and brush and floss at least twice daily. If you need to depend on breath mints to freshen your breath, you need to contact our office for an exam. You may have an underlying condition that we can treat. While a breath mint might be a good way to take care of oniony or garlicky breath, it should never be considered your first line of defense for keeping your breath odorless.

If I Do Need a Breath Mint, What Type Do You Suggest?

If you only need a breath mint now and then, your best choice would be a sugarless mint that contains the sugar alcohol Xylitol. Xylitol comes from plants and fights decay as well as sweetens mint products. If you are not someplace where you can brush, drink water and chew a sugarless gum or use a breath mint. If you choose a mint, make sure to let it dissolve fully. Do not chew on the mint, as it can damage your teeth.

When the breath smells bad, it is because sulfur compounds form that cause a foul-smelling odor. That is why you need to brush and floss and clean your mouth. Two of the worst compounds to form include methyl mercaptan, which produces a rotten cabbage smell, and hydrogen sulfide, which gives off an odor like rotten eggs. If you constantly need to use breath mints to freshen your breath, contact our office for an appointment. By knowing the reason for your condition, we can take the steps needed to eliminate the problem.

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