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Could Your Oral Health Get Damaged if You Do Not Have Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Could Your Oral Health Get Damaged if You Do Not Have Wisdom Teeth Extracted?For most people, their wisdom teeth begin to grow in during their late teen years or early twenties. Although this is the most common time for the wisdom teeth to emerge, they can grow in at almost any age.

Because wisdom teeth often lack the room to grow or cannot fully emerge through the gums, they require extraction. It is never fun to undergo any type of surgical procedure. And that leads people to wonder if they face risks with their oral health if they do not have the wisdom teeth extracted.

When Tooth Extraction is not Needed

Most people will have to have their wisdom teeth removed at some time in their life. It normally occurs in the late teens or early adulthood, but it can happen at any point in a person's life. There are many rasons that a person will need to have their wisdom teeth removed. If they are diseased, or if they become impacted, extraction is the best option. Another reason is that there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth. While it is best to try to manage the growth of the wisdom teeth, if that is not possible than extraction is often the best option.

Avoiding Tooth Extraction

While there are sometimes when it is obvious that wisdom teeth need an extraction, it is not always clear. There are times when the wisdom teeth take some time to fully emerge. As they emerge, you may experience pain, swelling and other symptoms that you can manage. If the teeth are healthy and there is enough room, it is okay to avoid an extraction.

The thing that you have to know if you do not get wisdom teeth pulled as they come in is the risks you face. If there is disease or bacteria in the wisdom teeth, it can spread to other teeth. If the teeth come in crooked or there is not enough room, it can cause damage to the other teeth. If you cannot manage the pain and swelling, it can impact your overall health. It is best to weigh the risks against the need for an extraction to make the best decision.

No one looks forward to the idea of a wisdom tooth extraction. It is not a bad idea to try to avoid the extraction if it is not necessary, but it is also good to know what the risks are. If you try to avoid an extraction, you need to monitor the area around the wisdom teeth for any signs of problems before they cause more damage than you want.

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